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Video Production
As an internationally, top-rated corporate video production company, we create the most engaging videos so you reach the right markets
Architectural visualization
We provide architectural visualization solutions to bring every benefit and feature of your idea and project to your target client, all within your budget and time frame.
3D Animation
For years PicsellGlobal production has been one of the best in 3d animation videos. PicsellGlobal delivers on Time and on Budget. We are Responsive, Friendly, and go the extra mile.
Game Development
With the perfect blend of technology, we cater the incredible game solutions to our clients according to their specifications. Having expertise in 2D & 3D game development, we maintain the complete structure efficiently.

Who we are?

We are a growing and successful group of corporate video production professionals specialising in providing an easy solution for businesses to quickly and easily find corporate video producers. As a community, we strive to change the way businesses use video around the world, promoting its benefits and correcting misinterpretations on video as a business tool.

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Super creative team with imaginative capabilities to produce the best.Abdullah Alibrahim,
They did a perfect job, delivering the video in an extremely short timing! Fast to react and understood the brand mood immediately.Laure P.,
A great job well done, on time within budget and very professional.Baker D.,
Great job! Very professional work and was able to meet a tight deadline! Highly recommended.Stuart M.,
They did an amazing job. Our video came out better than we ever could have imagined.Starpak L.,
Fast, high-quality and great understanding!Yevgeniy K.,

Our Team

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Time management
Flexibility and compromise
Creative problem-solving
understanding of finance
control the production budget

Reza Rezai


Maurits Johanson

Project Manager

Javad Simin

Marketing Manager

Hanson Hoss

Production Manager

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Blockchain technology has the potential to have a profound impact on global commerce. Therefore, PicsellGlobal steps forward and try to support and help to promote blockchain startups and established companies.

In addition, for easing the process, we are happy to announce that we will accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.