15 Types Of Videos That Can Boost Your Brand

Avatar Picsell | March 13, 2019

When in business, know the tricks.  Video marketing is a way of communicating with your customers and reaching a larger consumer base but how many types of video marketing techniques do you know? Well, below are some types and how they can use them to boost your brand and business.

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  1. Interview Q&A: This is a video that aims to answer the questions that customers are asking concerning a product. It also works for either alone or with another person to help shed more light on the product or in a conversation with the customers.
  2. Behind the scene: are great videos where clients get to see how a product is made; this increases the trust of the client on your product.
  3. Roundup videos: these are videos that list out the best products allowing clients to make the decision between them as it suits them. For example, top 5 holiday spots for free or best interior décor items for a dollar.
  4. Humorous video/skit: these are funny or comical videos that aim to relieve the viewers thought and keep them attracted to want to finish watching the video.
  5. Vlog: these are videos filmed by the narrator to describe their personal experience with a product to the public.
  6. Announcement video: have the latest news to share with your clients, the announcement video allows you to talk to your customers about it.
  7. Testimonial video: nothing beats a testimonial video for a business person. Hearing another person’s review and truth on a product is the first push to buy the products and even tell people about it.
  8. Live Videos: they are fantastic ways to make your brand or business more open and relatable to clients. Furthermore, they allow you to connect with more customers and foster good relationships.
  9. Promotional Video: who doesn’t like a deal or freebie? To grab customers attention on a product; offer them a promo offer like a buy two get one free and watch your market grow.
  10. How to videos: so many people online are looking for ways to do stuff or use a product. A how-to video shows you how to manage alone with a series of steps that explain it?
  11. Educational Video: these are videos that teach a topic; it can be academic or no to the viewers. They are usually lengthy with a lot of talking and demonstration to make the viewer comprehend.
  12. Video emails: these are short clips sent to a client’s email by a marketer to explain a product just for you. The video aims at developing a sales strategy that benefits both the client and the salesperson.
  13. Video PowerPoint: these are very simple; you add voice narration to a PowerPoint presentation explaining a bunch of pictures to the viewers.
  14. Animation Videos: who doesn’t like to see inanimate objects doing outstanding stuff? Animation video is short, quick and straight to the point. They provide an excellent emotional connection and make the video a memorable one.
  15. Infomercial: as the name suggests; these are bright, sharp videos used to add dimension to your product. It is basically a representative explain the product by using it for people to see it.

So which video is suited for your product or brand? Choose the one that describes you and what you do, play around with it and if it works, practice more and enjoy your business grow exponentially. You can also check us out on PicsellGlobal for more information and sample videos on the above types to create yours.

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