Everything you need to know about 2D Character Animation Services

Avatar Picsell | June 10, 2019

Everything you need to know about 2D Character Animation Services

Video marketing industry is growing day-by-day. Videos have now become an integral part of a successful marketing campaign. Marketers, according to their requirements, can either choose 2D animation videos or 3D animation videos. Companies know that people are more interested in seeing things than reading things. These simple explainer videos are always short, on point, and within just a few seconds, they can talk a lot, which is essential for your business.

Almost every company knows that they need a video to the target audience, but which animation style to choose is always a challenge for them. Today we want to talk about 2d character animation services.

What is a 2d animation?

In a layman language, 2d animation is any sketch that you can picture. Anything that you might have drawn once on a piece of paper, that in simple terms is 2d animation. 2d animation allows the designer to use different colours, scenes, and characters and create a story out of it. Remember the time when we were in our 90s, and Micky Mouse cartoon characters were gaining all the fame and name, well all thanks to the evolution of 2d animation videos.

What is the cost?

Well, the cost of 2d animation is marginally lesser than 3d animation. However, the cost will highly depend on the range and length of the script, style frames to be used, storyboard, illustration, special effects, voiceover, and animation. If you want to create only a 15 seconds video with minimal characters along with a basic script, then the cost of 2d animation video will be less. However, the more complex your animation video, the higher the amount.

So, as a business, have a clear idea about your script, talk to your marketing department and think what kind of 2d animation are you guys looking for. How long should it be, what should be the critical point of the video, how many characters to use, and more! Animation in 2d can be as simple as you want and as complicated as you want. Both possibilities are available. You can plan for a 2d animation budget and start working on it. But remember that the animation production cost of 2d will be slightly lower than 3d.

What is the timeline?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to 2d animation timeline. It depends on your project requirement. Everything finally boils down to how complicated and how long your 2d animation video is and depending on that 2d animation service provider will give you a timeline. Some animation studio may take around 25 days to a whole month to create a one-minute long video. However, many animation creators take a lesser amount of time than this.

2D animation is highly flexible, and you can literally use it for any industry. Whether you are from education, healthcare, real estate, construction industry, and so on. You can use 2d animation to highlight your services fantastically. So, go on and speak to only the best 2d animation cartoon company to make sure that you are investing your hard-earned money in the right company.

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