Animation Production: The Step-By-Step Guide to Making a 3D Animated Movie

Avatar Picsell | May 14, 2018

Producing 3D animated movie is a well-planned project. It requires a thorough research. Bringing your ideas into reality on the screen before the targeted audience is really a big challenge. The animation movie production planning demands the scope of the project, budget and an experienced team to execute the entire project successfully.

Before starting your project, you need to ink down the proper planning on the notebook and may consult different set of people which could support you in your project. This will help you out to reduce the risk of project failure in the future. Determine the flow of the project and set the timeline for the project completion.

The 3D animation movie production process can be broken into multiple steps to identify the importance of each phase in the production plan. The following steps in production plan may be considered for the successful animation production.

  1. Pre-Production Planning – You have to set your vision which you want to bring into reality. Write your story. The creators will need to write and develop the script firstly. After creating script, it is broken into scenes through graphic images so that you can easily analyse which scene would be right or inappropriate. Thereafter, the editorial team will create storyboard images, scratch voices, music and sound effects. Once the script and animation is complete, the scratch voices are changed with real dialogue. The visual development team makes the animation real by designing characters, environments, props, colors and backgrounds. Then, the preview mode is applied by turning the script and storyboards into a 3-dimensional environment on computer.
  2. Production Planning – It is also very crucial and important process. The concept is transformed into 3D models from 2D. The surfacing artists create colors, shades, textures and props as per the script requirements. Through rigging, 3D skeletons are attached to the characters. The skeletons function as the “Puppet” and are managed by riggers control to move the face and the body. The artists set the dressing of the characters with stereo composition. 3D animators use computer to pose the character through rigging. They identify the movements and expressions of the characters. The crowd scenes are created as per the situation to show reality of crowd. The character artists are responsible to create clothes, hair or feathers for showing the characters real. The other important work like creating footprints, lighting, mountains, skies and oceans images, is done by various artists.
  3. Post Production Planning – The composition is done finally by the composers where the final look of the animation movie is ready. In few frames, the editing is performed with respect to the music and sound requirements. You need to identify the lightings in the animation movie and change if the script demands. Color grading is the last task in the animation movie production. The color graders have to ensure that the picture is consistent with the each sequence of the animated movie. The composers and lighters have to work closely for the finishing of the project. The trouble shooting team has to test the project for preventing any error or problem in successful execution of the movie.

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