How To Make An Animated Introductory Video In A Budget-Friendly Way?  

Avatar Picsell | June 14, 2018

Importance of animated introductory videos has certainly grown significantly in modern times. Undoubtedly, these videos play a great role in digital video advertising. Being more specific, these animated introductory videos have been absolutely prolific over social media platforms. Targeting the real customer and to convey the product gets way lot easier through these videos.

Value of Animated Introductory Videos has been thoroughly realised by corporate groups. They don’t mind paying some extra bucks to ensure the quality is of the best standard. In general, the corporate groups hire professional video production houses for these tasks. However, this method is certainly not going to work well for everyone as the budget involved is too large.

Preparing a video of such can easily cost at least around thousand dollars through a professional video production house. In addition, the production houses demand extra cost for script writing. These costs can grow higher upon being done through even reputed production houses. And, a start-up company is sure to find such an amount too large.

The Cost-Effective Option:
Best recommendation for those interested in quality introductory animation video at an affordable price would be to take help of various video making software. There are various digital platforms offering web video making software. These software or online video making platforms normally use free already customised video templates. The user simply needs to choose the video, and edit as per its needs. There are numerous free templates offered by such platforms.

One can edit using his own texts, graphical input, and others as per the need. The biggest advantage of such platforms is that the users with nominal editing skill can also try for the best output. In fact, someone with absolutely zero editing skill can also manage to get quality video. These tools or video making platforms often don’t demand anything for genuine edits or videos. Some others demand prices around $90 for creative additions or video edits. The best part, you won’t have to pay until and unless you are thoroughly satisfied with the final output.

Distinguishing Features Of Video Making Software and Other Digital Platforms:
A user can find a range of options for templates through these video making platforms. Starting from the usual whiteboard video templates to introductory product promotional templates, one can find a range of options over here. It’s like drag and drop approach to preparing videos, which can be done by anyone with zero technical knowledge. Not just the text or graphics, one can even put his own music with these contents. In fact, a user can try any number of previews prior to publishing for the final time. You have to pay only when you get fully satisfied with the final output and download the video.


These tools or video making platforms can also be useful if you have no website and you want to put the introductory video straight to the social media platform. One can host the video straight at the desired place through these platforms. All you need is to copy the embedded code of the video and put it at the desired site to get published there.

In short, these video making software and digital platforms can be fulfilling for the small business groups or the start-up companies those lack budget for preparing animation videos.

  • Other Aspects To Be Careful About While Making an Introductory Video:
    Preparing video through software and digital video making platforms is easy. But, there are certain things one needs to be careful about for perfection. First of all, it is essential to get the copywriting job done through a professional. Though the platforms as mentioned above do provide their customised template, but it is recommended to have your own text for the video. This matters from the professionalism point of view.
  • Image quality always matters. Hence, preference should be given always to the high-quality images of larger size.
  • Instead of publishing straightaway, it would be a better recommendation to have a preview, do needful edits, and then publish.
  • It is recommended to have the original voice-over for the video that would make it feel unique. Using the voice of popular celebrities is certainly not a professional idea.
  • Graphics is another aspect that one should properly observe prior selecting a theme. The proper graphic structure can make the level of any promotional content reach the ultimate height The creativity needed for combining the texts or copies along with the high-quality images are essential to be done by the experienced professionals for successful marketing campaigns.
  • Logo is another important aspect that needs to be perfectly designed. Don’t mind some extra bucks being spent in this regard, but have a professional logo designed. Though the templates may show you few examples, but having a customised logo is always preferable from a professionalism point of view.

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