Animation on a Budget

Avatar Picsell | April 1, 2019

In today’s world, our lives are dominated with technology and this is only going to become more pronounced as time goes on. Therefore, we have to adapt to the changing times and that means using the new tools available to us to educate others and put ourselves out there. One of the greatest platforms available to us today is YouTube wherein anyone from anywhere can post anything and if it resonates then the user may end up with new opportunities or even a career. However, many of us do not know how to create well edited videos or use the necessary software to generate animations that make an impact on the web. This short article will be to elucidate the key points on how to make excellent animations and to prove that it is not as daunting a task as previously imagined.


First and foremost is software, without it, there will be no editing or creating. Hence, choosing software that is easy to use and will produce the best results is key. Maya Entertainment Creation Studio is an excellent choice for beginners and will give you all the necessary tools to create beautiful stories.


Second is the budget, in cases where money is tight, there are a few things to hone in on to ensure that the money is being used effectively. Thus, it is important to limit specialized animation techniques that may cost more as well as limit the length and size of the story. Money builds up as more features are added so as a beginner it is important to just stick with the basics until creating animations becomes second nature.


Finally, there is the story before anyone gets too involved in making an animation, it is crucial to have an outline. What will the plot be and who are the characters involved as well as how each character relates to one another. Will a firm basis on exactly who the characters are and what trials they face will provide the animation with a backbone to become coherent and concise. This aspect ties into the budget as well because the more in depth the storyline becomes, the longer it generally becomes in order to convey all the nuances. Perhaps it is best to stick with shorter and easier to digest clips at first with stories that are short and to the point. Later, when creating animations becomes more swift, the budget is greater, and the software is better, then full length features abound!


The animation is a fun way to tell others stories and to bring smiles or convey important messages. The world is going to continue to speed up and become more complex so therefore there will continue to be a need to boil things down and convey messages in easy to understand clips and animations. Hopefully, this brief article gave a glimpse into what is necessary for generating an animation and the various tools that are required to do so.

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Written by Picsell