Blockchain And The Film Industry

Avatar Picsell | December 19, 2017

Blockchain is a term generally used to refer to a whole new suite of technology that became popular with the rising value of Bitcoin.
Blockchains are most related to ICOs and cryptocurrency meanwhile this blockchain impact itself seems to be hidden with less understanding of how it works.

The scene of Blockchain technology start-ups has already entered into applications for the entertainment industry. The start was made with the aim of providing solutions for the
music business, directed at copyright protection and direct transactions between artists and consumers alike.
Blockchain start-up SingularDTV has entered the market in 2016, with a dream to become noticeably the ‘decentralized Netflix of the Internet’. SingularDTV is a Blockchain entertainment studio, smart contracts rights management platform and video on demand portal running on the Ethereum Blockchain. SingularDTV is likewise organized out as a “Centrally Organised Distributed Entity” or CODE, on Ethereum. SingularDTV’s model will empower content enrollment, coordinate distribution direct distribution and access via smart contracts, in a truly disintermediated model.

Blockchain and the film industry PicsellGlobal video

Blockchain is as yet a developing innovation and perceived as a threat to the controlling power of intermediaries such as agents and larger studios subsequently numerous bigger and more settled members in the film industry stay wary about its approach to adoption.

However, tech start-ups have formed to become the early evangelists for film industry oriented Blockchain applications and as history has shown in other sectors, there are no boundaries to disruptive innovation and the film industry will be no different.
As Blockchain applications turn out to be more pervasive and standard, and brilliant  contracts convey benefits in permitting and circulation, the film industry will undoubtedly adjust to the innovation in the long term. This can just profit the whole industry and empower more grounded business returns for independent studios otherwise struggling
with collections transparency once their film makes it into its first and subsequent release windows. In any case, the most essential hidden factor in the development of international media outlets is the pace of technological advancement of lower cost cameras and production and editing equipment, enabling thousands of artists to create films for a fraction of the cost in the 20th century.

With such modern development and limited avenues of releasing these film products to the expectant audience, both filmmakers and motivated viewers are left unsatisfied. The constrained roads likewise leave space for a wild rivalry, opening up the opportunity for the studios and film marketers to take advantage of the filmmakers who may want to
get their works out, by all means, leaving them at the risk of being shortchanged.

PicsellGlobal Blockchain And The Film Industry


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