Different Industries 3D Animation is Applicable in Canada

Avatar Picsell | November 5, 2018

3D animation started its journey in 1995 when Toy Story was released. It was a movie that was created totally based on computers and removed all the bars. And since then, a plethora of 3D animated movies have been produced.

But 3D animation is not just limited to entertainment; nowadays, 3D animation companies provide services to a range of different industries. Right from character animation and game development to architectural visualization, 3D animation is used almost in every industry. Here in this write-up, we are going to mention the industries the 3D animation has become an important part of.

Construction and architecture

The animation software provides impeccable visualization of the proposed structures while highlighting each and every minor detail. It lets the constructors create a 3D model of the proposed structure while taking into consideration the size, geometry, architecture uniqueness and more.

Not only that, it also lets the architects have an estimate for the material required for the construction, the cost, the manpower and the total time that would be taken for project completion.

Gaming Industry

3D games gain more attention from the users because 2D games remain unable to capture the imagination of the players. In contrast, the depth and diversity that is lent by the animated figures in the 3D games is something that gamers love and appreciate. 3D technology embeds a number of features to make the games engaging, interactive, dynamic and multi-player. And the combination of animation and artificial intelligence makes the gaming experience more interesting and exciting.

Advertising Industry

Advertisements are supposed to offer real-life projections of the products/services so that the consumers can adjudge their applicability and make their decision whether to invest in particular service/product. 3D animation companies used advanced software for accurate representation of your imagination and capturing prospects’ emotions in a vibrant manner. Also, 3D animation has the power to instill brand image forcefully in the minds of the people.

Scientific visualization

Whether it is something related to research, medicine or anything else in the science, 3D modelling is used to create an accurate visualization of the components. Not only it helps in the medical diagnosis of the different body parts but also helps in the manufacturing of medicines.


Animation software are used to create virtual models of a wide range of products. And these models help businesses of different niches, which deal in the manufacturing of products as problems are detected and fixed before they actually affect the product. Further technological advancements are expected to make these animations more effective.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”, it’s true in the case of education. The 3D models make it easy for the teachers to explain the concepts and for students to understand those concepts. Students find it easier to learn using pictures and 3D models as compared to the text. Above all, the infatuating images and models make long-lasting impressions on the minds of users and they tend to remember the concept for long.

The uses and appeal of 3D animation are not restricted to just aforesaid industries; the technology has diverse applications across a range of other industries. However, it depends on the skills and visualization proficiency of the person using 3D software that how he can create the wonders. So, you should always hire a reputed 3D animation company for your project no matter which industry you operate in.

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Written by Picsell