Showcase Your Property With 3D Architectural Rendering

Avatar Picsell | May 6, 2019

Different Types of Architectural Renderings


Visualization of architectural designs is crucial for the builders, architects and property designers for assessing the accuracy of a design before they begin building. Architectural renderings allow professionals to recognize problems early and make improvements accordingly. And 3D architectural renderings take it to the next level by offering an immersive image or animation video providing a realistic idea of design. Along with working as a major selling point, the 3D architectural renderings afford a leg up on the competition.

Talking about the types of 3D architectural renderings, there are many depending on the particular goals you want to achieve. For instance, Interior 3D renderings let real estate agents attract potential buyers to buy a property. These renderings reflect lighting, design, and textures inside a property thereby creating an authentic experience for them. The interior renderings can also be used to imagine the settling of furniture and fixtures in a room. And the exterior 3D architectural renderings let the builders visualize how a new structure can blend into the existing design.

Here we have listed a few basic types of 3D architectural renderings:

Interior Renderings

Interior 3D architectural renderings create an exceptional point of view inside a room. Such renderings are useful to real estate agents as they can use these renderings to let their potential buyers visualize the structure of the property. No doubt the 2D drawings can elaborate the inside of a building, 3D renderings can highlight the detailed design elements in a better way. All these things let the clients visualize living in a particular property before they even purchase it.

3D Interior Design Visualization

3D Interior Design Visualization

Exterior Renderings

Exterior 3D rendering services work best to create a realistic view of the building exterior. The builders and architects, who are working on new construction projects can use these to provide their clients with an overview of the property before it is built. Exterior renderings can consist of just models or can contain realistic design elements including fences, foliage, trees, streets and people. Exterior renderings can also be used to create a sense of location by including surrounding properties in the view.

3D Exterior Design Visualization

3D Exterior Design Visualization


Another format the 3D architectural renderings can be created in is the animation videos taking the viewer through the site. This allows the buyers to experience the property without actually visiting it. The animated videos let the buyers explore the space and get a sense of its overall feel and layout.

Floor plan 3D renderings

The 2D floor plan showcases the general layout of a property in order to let the clients get an idea of the orientation and space size. Though these 2D floor plans are effective, 3D renderings can throw light on details. And this is essential for high-end marketing of the projects. 3D floor plans let the potential buyers make plans for their interiors design and setup.

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