Music is that pillar of corporate video that can help your brand stand out, or make it crumble. Thus, its impact should never be underestimated. Your background music must be chosen carefully; otherwise, customers may be distracted by the imbalance between audio and video.

Background music needs to be integrated to create a connection between you and your audience. Once the connection is created, your audience will be tempted to develop a relationship with you and your brand.

In this post, we will be sharing some expert tips that will help you choose the best music for your video so that your brand name shines like a star.

Understand your video goal

You are creating that video with a purpose, either to promote a business or to spread awareness about a certain topic. Understanding the video goal will allow you to comprehend how your chosen music will help deliver the message in a more impactful manner. While defining the video goal, it’s important to think about the audience as well. If you want the video to stick in your audience’s mind long after it has ended, think about who will be watching your video.

Lyrical or instrumental music?

Lyrics can be used effectively for the storytelling aspect of your video, but there are two things to consider – words can distract the audience if they are used in a dialogue or interview. The second thing is the fact that the lyrics describe the scene or, on the contrary, may divert the audience with different elements between video and audio. As such, if your video features a lot of narration or dialogues, it’s best to refrain from lyrical music and go with instrumental instead.
Meet iPhone X – Apple’s commercial is an ideal example of lyrical background music, it seamlessly integrates with the video as well.

Rhythm and Tone

Whatever music you have chosen, it must always blend at a specific time. You must select the music that will highlight specific points of your video. For example, you can have the music present at a certain time and come back when you have a special message or display an image.

Furthermore, the music you chose must also complement the story or message you are trying to narrate through your video. Therefore, it’s important to consider the rhythm, tone, and the vibe of the music to create a lasting impact on the viewer.

Consider your video story

Background music acts as an influential catalyst that helps make an emotional connection with the viewers. As such, if the music is not in sync with the story you are trying to convey through your video, the overall impact of the video will be reduced to zero. Hence, when choosing the perfect music for a video, it’s important to consider if the music will help in narrating the story. If the music doesn’t help elevate your story, no matter how good it is, it won’t be good enough for your video. Consider the music that has the same arc and emotional path as your video.

Creating a marketing video that speaks to your audience is no easy feat. But the above-mentioned tips for choosing the perfect music will go a long way in enriching your video.