How Important Is 360-Degree and VR Video in the Future of Marketing?

Avatar Picsell | December 8, 2017


PicsellGlobal: They say a picture is worth a thousand words and keeping in mind that the saying was invented in the analog era, imagine how many words are there in a 360-degree photo. Media is rapidly changing; what was once a radio is now a TV, and what is now a TV is a smartphone.

Failure to keep up with new technology can be detrimental to your business and can make it become extinct. You might have seen your friends posting panoramic photos; welcome to the future. 360-degree media is here to stay.

360-degree video (VR video) is on the peripheral of conventional consumer awareness. Therefore, by entering a market early, you can become an authority in the industry.

Although it seems unwieldy to watch a VR video on your phone, soon it will be a formality.

Here Is Why 360-Degree Videos/ VR Videos Are the Future of Business Marketing:

– Entryway to New Marketing Adventures

To keep your relevance in business, you need to keep up with trends, especially marketing trends. Testing new platforms will ensure your brand is not left behind. If you use Facebook for your business, your brand will grow as Facebook is growing. Therefore, join any marketing trend early, and when they grow, you will ride with the tide.

Most of the marketers who have used 360-degree videos claim that it increases engagement. Therefore, instead of creating infographics and writing blog posts, why not create an interactive 360-video? You will get more interaction and engagement.

– It Will Create Consumer Loyalty

When businesses and brands make a significant effort to keep up with new technologies, they target to get consumer’s attention; putting a little more effort goes a long way in assuring your customers that you are making life easier for them.

Posting new and relevant content lets your consumers know you’re always trying new ways to meet their needs; this means you are going to be here for long.

New research by Greenlight VR , which surveyed over 1300 adults, showed that majority of the people (71%) feel that VR video makes brands “modern and forward-thinking.” 53% of the respondents said that they would more likely purchase from a brand that uses VR media content than from one that does not.

– It Offers Unlimited Possibilities for Your Audience

A couple of years from now, we will remember days when the internet was 2D. Why should you take 15 photos while you could take 1 360 photos to capture all the information you intend to show. No video compares to a 360-degree video that shows everything that happened in a scene in one video. More information means more consumer awareness.

You can utilize VR video to watch concerts, for security purpose, and other things such as showing potential customers hotel rooms before booking.

– 360-Degree Media Advertising

Do you intend to run an advertising campaign? Well, a 360-degree video will give you higher conversion and increased user engagement.

Google ran an advertising campaign where it posted a normal video alongside a 360 virtual reality video. They found out that 360-degree video motivated viewers to interact and watch more. . The 360-degree video had 46% higher view count than the standard full-length piece.

This means that the 360 videos are more efficient and cost lower to create than standard videos.

The Bottom Line

The world of 360-degree video and VR video is upon us and is shaping the way business operates. They offer your audience an immersive insight into your services, business, location, and products while boosting your inquiries, demand, and web visitors.

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