Importance and benefits of video marketing

Avatar Picsell | March 27, 2019

The saying “adapt or die” might be a bit too upfront, but it does have a ring of true to it: it’s part of human nature having to adapt to the new trends, technological advancements and many other elements that play a big role in how our society develops–this is particularly true when we talk about digital marketing and the use of videos for promotion.

Nowadays we have more than 5 billion users on YouTube and more than 75% of social media users worldwide watch at least ten seconds from a video on a daily basis, so we are talking about a tool that it’s already pretty big deal and that is why companies like Picsellglobal are aiming to offer those services to what is a wide demographic.

But what are the exact benefits of working with video marketing? Well, here we have a few reasons that we think are of extreme importance:

More instantaneous content.

A study in the United States in 2017 showed that the average smartphone user spends about 258 minutes per day looking at his or her phone, so this proves that the time we have as a brand to reach our target audience is precious.

Information can be lost in such a stream of daily data, so that is why videos play such a big role in this equation: it allows you to grab people’s attention in a much more effective manner and explain what you want to convey in fast fashion.

It’s more flexible than you might think.

One complaint that is often brought up is that people don’t know how to make videos and their brands don’t have enough resources to hire a production team to make them, which is fair enough, but there are other options when it comes to video marketing.

You can use video-like motions for your ads by using your best imagery and that way avoiding the issues of actually making a video. This is particularly helpful because there are many different styles: you have brand in motion, basic in motion, demon in motion and benefit in motion.

While it’s not the most ideal of situations, video marketing can provide different solutions to the issues you might be facing.

Narrates the brand’s story better and quicker.

Promotional videos, much like the recent Nike promotional video shows, are to tell you what the brand is all about and why you should be interested in consuming their product and/or their services.

It has been stated by research that videos that last ninety seconds or less have more than a 53% of making an impact in its viewer and stay in his or her mind for a longer period of time–this one of those factors that has made videos so effective in necessary in the modern day digital marketing strategies.

Videos work in every platform.

It doesn’t matter that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat: video marketing works extremely well in every single one of these social media platforms. In fact, here are a few statistics that might be of good use for you:

  • Almost 550 million people watch Facebook videos on a daily basis.
  • Almost 85% of users on Twitter watch video content.
  • YouTube’s five billion users amount to almost one third of the world’s internet users.
  • Snapchat users watch about 10 billion videos per day.

Video marketing has become king in the digital world of promotion because it’s what social media users are consuming the most in this point in time and it seems that’s a trend that is only going to go upward in the foreseeable future.

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Written by Picsell