How To Make Your Corporate Promotional Video Look Amazing In 7 Days?

Avatar Picsell | July 23, 2018

Nowadays, promotional videos stand at a higher rank of online mass communication which is desired mainly by internet users. Any corporate organisation which has a website is pretty much aware of the importance online video has. But making a promotional video can feel overwhelming and daunting. How long should the video be? What should I say in it? What all you should include? These are some of the common questions you would have at the time. Hence, to help you ease out, below mentioned are few simple tips you should follow in order to make your Corporate Promotional Video look incredible within a span of seven days.

1. Do Not Take The Risk of DIY:
Promotional video making requires professionalism and a skilled video team who know how to do the work, due to their years of experience. So instead of taking the risk trying a DIY and experimenting, you should hire an expert video team from a professional and reputable company. Moreover, if you already have a promotional video which is not getting a good response then such professionals work towards figuring out a way to make your already-made unpleasant video look semi usable or even better.

2. Be Clear Beforehand of What Message You Want in The Video:

The best of video professionals know how to direct and shoot a compelling video which will be able to tell a story. But still, they do need a brief idea about how you want the video to be. So spend time with them and draft the main messages that you want to get across your audience. Your video should not just contain nice shots of the products only, but also include a bit of talking. The video would be the perfect platform for you to tell your story in the most compelling way and grab the attention of people.

3. Add A Clear Call to Action:
When you video ends, you should include a compelling Call to Action so that you audience know how they can go about and get in touch with you. The Call to Action should be something which attracts a lot of customer attention.

4. Keep The Video Snappy:
In today’s world, it is difficult to attract the attention and hold it for enough time in order to put your message across. Hence, to be on a safer side you can make two versions of your video: a full length (1-3 minute) promotional video which will be watched by those who have more of time and a shorter ‘teaser’ of 30 seconds, which you can post on social media.

5. Put Up Your Promotional Video On A Platform Which Is Most Useful:
Ideally, you should put up your 30 second video on social media, your blog sidebar or any place where people who visit can clearly get attracted towards it. On the other hand, the full length video can be put up on your company website’s About page or any other place where people can actually decide on whether they can view it or not.

Just plan and film the video well and let the audience know how different you are from the rest.

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Written by Picsell