Our new video production at Pavilion Theater

Avatar Picsell | December 19, 2017

Pavilion Theatre is announcing the launch of Pavilion Theatre’s Spring 2018 Season – a dazzling array of theatre, music, comedy, family shows, cinema and much, much more! They asked us to create the event’s trailer.

Season Launch Video for Pavilion Theater, Ireland
Client:  Dónal Kennedy from Pavilion Theater

Client’s expectations:
The previous producer let them down in the production process and they needed the  idea within 24 hours. The client sent some references and asked for something similar. The client provided all the footages.

Our solution:
Our Production manager (Hanson) put one of our perceptive producers on this project. Having a very active communication with the client, helped us to hit the goal and deliver what the client was looking for in a very tight timeframe.


PicsellGlobal was exactly what we needed for this project! They work fast, have an  excellent command of motion graphics and are able to synthesize a lot of information in a
way that looks great and communicates the right message. They went the extra mile for us when it came to edits and amendments and made sure the job was done 100% right. Highly recommended.”

Duration of the production:
24 hours (10 person-hours)
Adobe Premiere
Adobe after effects
Adobe Audition

Final video:

[tx_youtube youtube_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq4fRfNQ0VU” width=”” controls=”1″ autoplay=”0″]


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