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Avatar Picsell | November 24, 2019

Education and training are the most rapidly growing areas in which video production is demanded.

The reason is pretty obvious. Videos are by far the most effective yet affordable means of training in large scales. So, for most successful companies, the question is no longer “if” but it is “how” to use videos for training purposes.

Imagine you are trying to design a system to train your employees. The costs of preparing classrooms, hiring coaches and finding a solution to the time conflicts with other duties of the personnel, are likely to discourage you from even thinking about it. Yet the need is there. You cannot afford to have untrained personnel.

General purpose videos, found in platforms like YouTube are good for a preliminary familiarization with any subject. But when you are talking about professional training for a serious business it is not sufficient at all. You need uniquely designed videos for the particularly defined goals. This is where specialized video production institutions’ role begins.

PicSellglobal is a very fast-growing video production company, basically because it responds to this particular need; specialized productions with high quality.

PicSellglobal recently completed a project for Novo Nordisk, the world’s number one producer of Insulin. Novo Nordisk in known for its high standards of recruitment and training. The purpose of the video was to train the new employees of the company. The videography team, worked on the location (in Denmark) for two days. The script-writers transformed the explanations of the company’s officials into an educational video, the graphists provided easy to learn, easy to remember images, the voice artists, and video editors all joined efforts to produce a very effective video which is now used to train the employees. It is definitely impossible to have an even close level of professional training through any other means.

You don’ have to be a huge company to follow the practices of huge companies. If they are huge, they have most likely been successful. And if they are successful, perhaps it is because they have made the right choices. It helps to follow their choices. The training video does not have to be used for a large number of employees. Even if it is made for a couple of employees, it is still more affordable timewise and moneywise.

Try it and become an example of the right choice in how to train, promote, and advertise for your company.

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Written by Picsell