Video Intro Animation: Compel Your Audience to Watch and Act through Creative Intro Videos

Avatar Picsell | September 10, 2018

Most of us wonder if there is any formula for making a successful video. The answer to this lies in providing a clear introduction and a conclusion of whatever you have communicated. This means building a strong base in the start and a well-thought-out ending statement while concluding is important. Good ‘intros’ and ‘outros’ from an important part of any video.

A video intro animation can make things much more attractive while giving an idea to the viewers for being introduced to something that they would be interested in. Making a professional video intro is highly important. Basically, a good intro, a great content and a nice concluding outro make for a successful video formula.

Benefits of An Intro Video

  • Clear Openings

Intro videos are generally used for podcasts, webcasts, live shows, presentations or other kinds of videos.

An unclear opening has lesser chances of being well-received. Such kinds of videos are not going to be effective and popular. The branded intro would associate one’s video with a great service or product. The intro videos require being simple.

Even if complex things are to be said, it should be done in an easy to comprehend and simple representation. This is where the video intro animation stands out. One can effectively plan and design the animation intro videos.

  • Attention-catching

About two decades ago, the attention span in adults was believed to be up to 12 seconds. This has now reduced to 8 seconds in the present. Therefore, one just has an effective time span of 7 seconds for conveying your message clearly with respect to your video or webcast. However, with a video intro animation, it can be extended, as the animations tend to hold the attention much better than visuals.

The background, music and the sounds are going to play an important role in the making of an intro video. Some people may prefer the monochrome background having certain visual effects. This must be truly impressive one for demonstrating one’s logo and other texts to the audience.

The colorful visual effects or an animation is going to have a much more powerful effect. In an animation, the rhythm and the dynamics of the sounds employed are all going on play a vital role.

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