Why Video Marketing Is The Best Marketing?

Avatar Picsell | April 10, 2019

Why Video Marketing Is The Best Marketing?

Though video marketing is not a new addition to promotion tools, it needs to be talked about because of the rate it is getting popular at. Marketers from the past have claimed the importance of the videos in marketing but no one had known that they would grow at such a fast rate. Now, it seems that the time is not so far when videos will replace the text completely.

While many businesses have already been leveraging the power of video marketing, the others are just thinking about working on it, searching for the reasons that it is necessary. Whether you are among the latter businesses or an individual looking to update his knowledge about the increasing need for video marketing, this write-up is for you. Below we have shared the reasons why video marketing is becoming the best marketing.

  • Videos get more attention

Because videos pair both visuals and audio, they capture audience attention faster than text and the audio alone. Videos help in raising awareness and ROI by capturing viewer’s eyes instantly as they start. A study published on Moz.com shows that videos remain powerful in capturing eyeballs even when they are not the first results.

  • Videos play a major role in building trust

Undoubtedly, trust is the key to increasing conversions and sales. And videos are the key to build trust. Video content engages the audience and ignites emotions in them provided that the video is providing useful and interesting information instead of selling.

The main reason people hesitate to buy services/products online is the fear of fraud. As the videos ensure one-to-one interaction and use a conversational tone, they gave more confidence to the buyers for buying online.

  • Videos appeal to the majority of the viewers, the mobile users

About 90% of the viewers watch videos on their mobile phones. According to a YouTube report, video consumption rises by 100% every year. And because people love to watch videos on the go, the number of viewers using mobile phones for video watching is getting bigger and bigger.

Also, according to Google, smartphone users are 1.4 times more likely as laptop and desktop viewers to feel a personal connection to the businesses that show video content.

  • Videos are effective to engage even the laziest buyers

Today’s life is too busy to read the text. Even reading on the small screen of the mobile phone gets difficult. In such a scenario, videos work great to engage those lazy and busy customers and show them the product in action. Also, video marketing can engage a wide audience and at multiple levels, including the most enthusiastic ones as well as the laziest ones.

Whether it is Google, Facebook or any other online platform, all love videos. And you know these are the major platforms that engage users. While the videos on Facebook promote shares and likes, the videos on Google, when used correctly, can bring your website to the first page of Google. And as far as the customer engagement is concerned, not only these videos attract the customers but also create an emotional connection thereby letting them stay for longer.

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